Welcome to my home page! Well, here goes the "big" launch of my "I'm Goin' For It" blog/ website. As I approach yet another New Year, I am faced with many of the same resolutions. Far too many, of course. So I narrowed them down to three major goals:

1.) To permanently eliminate at least 50 (fifty!) pounds of  unwanted weight by adopting a raw foods / vegan diet, and increasing my level of exercise, following Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Eat To Live" book endorsed by Dr. Oz. I'm goin' for it!

2.) To complete (and eventually publish) my book-in-progress, "A (???)* Up My Nose: Bouncing Back from Bipolar And Overcoming Addictions." This is the year to GET IT DONE!
*(12/18/12 -- Just heard from Ferrari TM and I cannot use their name -- oops -- in my book title!)

3.) To simplify my life by ridding myself of much of the clutter and "reference material" that I've collected through the years, and to organize my writing, photography and art files. It's time to make my studio an efficient place to work in -- again. (Yes, clutter has been an ongoing challenge for me. Never know when you might need something down the road, right?)
So, a monumental challenge for 2012 perhaps. But if not now, when? Like I've said a million or so times before, "Time to stretch a bit outside the comfort zone. Ya' gotta think big and go for it!" Seemed to me that committing myself to the task in a big and public way might encourage me to stick with it. So I've decided to share my progress with my friends and family, if not the "world at large" through a website and a blog. To read my latest blog entry, CLICK HERE
Little (?) Skippy Treaster, already a big thinker circa 1950
I'm Goin For It. A blog for body, mind & spirit. Real hope for real recovery. All content Copyright 2010. www.SkipTreaster.com
A short bit about me. This site really isn't intended to be "all about me," so much as it will focus on reaching goals, big and small. A journal of the process of losing weight and getting fit; and of the commitment to write daily and finish a book; and of attending to the little things while pursuing bigger dreams. It is about health, and hope, and recovery. Body, mind and spirit. I hope that I can live up to its mission, and that you may gain from my sharing the process.
But the more I work on these pages, the more I realize that, whatever... it does seem to be mostly about me! For anyone who's close to me, you are no doubt aware that I struggle with Bipolar Disorder and OCD. This is something I have struggled with most of my life, and have been "out" and "open" with for a few years now. So it's about that struggle, too. But I will try to focus on more of the "ups" than "downs" on my "About" page. To read more, just CLICK HERE.
A note about my diet. I'm a "foodie." Always have loved my food. While the other toddlers were slurping up their GerberTM strained stuff, I was woofing down a burger, fries and a chocolate shake.  Then I graduated to sodas and baked goods and... sugars! Being Pennsylvania Dutch didn't help much, as in "dessert for breakfast." I was thin for a while, especially during my school days while running in track and cross country. But then my world began to "expand."
And, more ups and downs. My new "diet" is more than a diet. It's about a permanent lifestyle change, and permanent weight loss. It's about wanting to live a longer and healthier life. It will take some getting used to! READ MORE.
A few words about my book. I've always enjoyed telling stories. And writing. In fact, I've made much of my living as an advertising copywriter. But my big
dream has always been to write a book. Or, several books, for that matter. (I've got plenty of ideas.) So, for the past few years, I've been working on a book about my lifetime of experiences with mental illness.
Just writing about my story has been therapeutic.
But like my fortune cookie once said, "There's no glory unless you put yourself on the line." Well, it wasn't the cookie that's inspired me, but I am going to make my writing a top priority this year. (It's been a wild and crazy ride!) CLICK HERE for a "taste."
*Working on a new book title in 2013!! See at right.
Taking the next step. Once upon a time, my
studio was clean and tidy. And I've got the photos to prove it. Well, actually, I had just shuffled everything
off the work surfaces and into boxes with the intent of reorganizing and keeping it neat and tidy. But as has always been the case things get chaotic again until the next stressful deep cleaning. It's an OCD thing. I'm not quite a hoarder. But this is one area of my life I literally need to clean up. WISH ME LUCK!
“Every great success is the result of strong and sustained effort.”
-- Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Eat To Live

"Over 20 million people in the United States have type 2 diabetes. That doesn't count the 6 million who have diabetes and don't know it yet. Type 2 diabetes has been called the most challenging health problem of the 21st century. The dangerously high prevalence of overweight and obesity is at the heart of this problem." -- Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Also, "2/3 of Americans are now either overweight or obese." -- Dr. Oz. And from the National Institute of Mental Health: "Number of American adults with Bipolar: 5.7 million. Number of American adults with OCD: 2.2 million." There you have it. My story in a nutshell. Emotional overeating. Bipolar and OCD. All interconnected. And all within reach of a personal breakthrough... with just a little bit of sustained effort. Well, maybe with a major effort. But real hope for real recovery. I hope you'll tune in to this website from time to time and follow my blogs. It usually comes down to the very simple matter of just taking the next step. And then the next one. I can do it! Thanks for your encouragement.  Peace and Blessings!

-- Skip Treaster

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"Chef" Skip Treaster

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Okay! 2013... my new title & cover.